Frank and Anna Sobrio, the founders of FRANCAPELLI hair salon, have been committed to providing client-based excellence in hairdressing since they opened the salon in 1979. Four decades on and the FRANCAPELLI team today continue to offer a unique and dynamic hairdressing experience, grounded in the philosophy that “the customers perception is our reality.” Stemming from this small-scale client-focused approach, we dedicate ourselves to fostering long-lasting relationships with each of our clients.

Given their rank amongst the leaders of the Australian hairdressing industry and their commitment to education and training, in the year 2000 Frank and Anna opened the doors to the Francapelli Academy, now a leading hairdressing academy located next door to the original FRANCAPELLI hair salon. While Frank now heads the academy, Anna remains the strong leader of the hair salon, which provides a level of service and standard entirely independent from the adjoining training academy.


Today, we at FRANCAPELLI hair salon provide service to third-generation clients, proving that Frank and Anna’s original commitment to client-based excellence has engendered dynamic and long-lasting client relationships. We approach hairdressing with freshly trained eyes, maintaining an awareness of, and connection to, up-to-date fashion and styles, within Australia and worldwide.

Uniquely combining a commitment to client-based excellence and relationship longevity with an eye on cutting-edge style and fashion, FRANCAPELLI hair salon is driven equally by our clients as by the industry at large, so as to provide the highest level of technical skill and expertise to our valued customers.

Meet Lulu, the meet and greet receptionist who is loved by all the staff and customers.



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